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Have you ever had to put your dreams on hold just so you could manage the challenges of everyday life? Do you spend a lot of time with people who need a lot from you? Does anyone in the place in which you rest your head call you anything resembling "mom"? If you have answered "yes" to any or all of these just might be a "cavewoman."

Most women spend much of their lives meeting the needs and fostering the dreams of others - while fighting the feeling that somehow their own needs and dreams will never truly be fulfilled, especially while caring for or raising children. In Diary of a Cavewoman, you will find relevant stories and challenging Scriptures that remind us of the amazing things that might actually be happening in the middle of the mundane. And that all the time we spend thinking our dreams are put on hold...we just might be living them.

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This is what people are saying about Diary of a Cavewoman...


"Diary of a woman's insight into life's day to day journey...KyAnne allows the reader into her 'cave' to see that the real answer to all of it - life, that is - is how you 'choose' to see and live it...Before you know it, she has encouraged you with her ups and downs because she, unlike a lot of us, when faced with either, is able to embrace them all with humor, honesty and humility."

Tracey Connor
Documentary Producer/Editor
43Films/History Channel/A&E

"I don't know when I've enjoyed a book more! KyAnne has an uncanny ability to make us laugh out loud at everyday adventures, while helping us see the significance of every moment. Every reader will be able to identify with this 'cavewoman' and encouraged in her own journey!"

Kerry Clarensau
Director, AG National Women's Department

"I feel like Ms. Weaver is writing an autobiography on my own life...with insight that I have immediately put to good use! Her sense of humor but God-given ability to communicate 'just the right thing at the right time' is uncanny! An easy read, and that is a plus since you will be anxious to see how it ends!"

Schrene Davis
Owner, Paul Mitchell the School



KyAnne Weaver

KyAnne Weaver has been a cavewoman for almost a quarter of a century. In that time, she has been married to the same caveman, Kevin. Kevin and KyAnne have produced three cavemen of their own, Kaleb, Keith and Klay. Kaleb and Keith have already flown the cave, but Klay has another year or two before taking flight. When KyAnne is not dealing with cave life, she is teaching at a public middle school, directing church children's ministries, speaking at events, taking grad classes, eating, talking, laughing, or doing laundry.